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Animation film by Jonathan Müller
mixed media

  • The film premiered on 31 March 2023, 7 pm at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne
  • Local premiere: 28 & 29 April, 2023, 7 pm, Short Film Night, St. Gallen
  • TV premiere on SRF1: On 12 November 2023 in the short film block in CH:Filmszene
    and until 12 May 2024 in the SRF Play media library.

The animated film EDUARDO SPELTERINI provides an insight into the adventurous life of the Swiss aviation pioneer of the same name. Born Eduard Schweizer in 1852 in Bazenheid (SG) into the poorest of circumstances, Spelterini was not only the first to fly over the Alps in 1898, but also changed the way we see the world with spectacular photographs from his balloon. His soaring flight came to an abrupt end with the outbreak of the First World War. All that remains of Eduardo Spelterini are the memories of an exciting life and some of the streets and squares that bear his name today.

Written and directed by Jonathan Müller
Dramaturgy and dialogue: Ueli Blum, Robert Müller, Jonathan Müller, Noemi Harnickell
Music: Alexander T. Faehndrich
Production: ZEITRAUM FILM / Ines Meyer Döring


Trailer Eduardo Spelterini


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Presse review:
- Radio report SRF, 2.4.2023


Fotografien von Eduardo Spelterini