Abgedreht Plakat

Cinema documentary film by Ines Meyer & Robert Meyer

Young people live their dreams in many different ways - alone, together, in sports, in the «Blauring» (scouts), in the band, smoking pot, in their room, in the trees or on horseback. In the documentary film ABGEDREHT - Ein Heimatfilm, young people between the ages of 16 and 23 talk openly about growing up and living in rural Ruswil (LU). The film offers them a platform for their views, wishes and hopes at the turn of the millennium.  Opinions are expressed, wishes and hopes for the turn of the millennium are explained.

Director: Ines Meyer / Robert Müller

Production: Adrian Marbacher / Christian Vannay

Camera: Young people / Ines Meyer / Robert Müller

Editing: Ines Meyer and Robert Müller

Music: Michael Häfliger