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NACHTSPIEL  (360° movie by Robert Müller and Christophe Merkle, 2019)

Nachtspiel is an experimental short film that aims to explore the spatial possibilities of image and sound in 360° film. Burning fuses and fire effects meet sounds and rhythms of the musician and composer Fritz Hauser. Composed sounds follow the random real tones of the fireworks, contrasting, caricaturing or combining into a symbiosis, where it is no longer clear when real sounds stop and compositions or musical interludes begin.

Fritz Hauser is one of the most important musicians and composers in Switzerland in the field of contemporary music. Over the years, he has expanded the tonal range of the "percussion" instrument in a variety of directions, but has always been inspired by real tones as well. This is particularly evident in his radio plays, where he manages to create almost cinematic images. The possibilities of the 360 ​​° film create ideal conditions for bringing his music to an interested audience in an attractive way. His passion for finding new sounds should be felt and experienced.


Script, direction                                       Robert Müller
Music                                                       Fritz Hauser
Camera / Montage                                   Christophe Merkle
Sound Recording/ Sound Mix                  Alexander Fähnrich
Image Editing/ Color Grading                  Christophe Merkle
Production                                               Zeitraum Film GmbH
Coproduction                                           Schweizer Radio & Fernsehen SRF

Duration                  10 Min.
Shooting format      360° 3D
Final format             360°-Film, Top/Bottom stereoscopic
Sound                     Second Order Ambisonic
Language                no spoken language