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Documentary, 84 Min.
Directed by: Bernard Weber & Robert Müller
Website: www.faustrecht.ch


The film FAUSTRECHT (Rule of the Fists) is a long-term documentary of two violent teenagers. Bernard Weber and Robert Müller observed Tim and Gibran between their 16th and 18th birthday.

Tim is an introverted teen who is subject to uncontrolled fists of violence. The film shows his 'odyssey' through institutions and foster homes, «looking for a quiet little spot» (quote Tim).

Gibran is an extroverted charmer who uses violence to get what he wants. «I will hit anybody looking to be hit - no matter if man or woman» (quote Gibran). He spends time in a detention centre where he is strongly confronted with his violent behaviour.
The film casts a glance behind the statistics of violence, looking at young offenders that are victims of their own.


Production: Zeitraum Film / Kulturija GmbH
Directors: Bernard Weber & Robert Müller
Camera: Bernard Weber
Sound: Robert Müller
Montage: Rosa Albrecht
Music: Fabian Römer
Soundmix: Guido Keller, Tonstudio Magnetix
Lights: Paul Avondet, Andromeda Film AG
Assistance: Adrian Marbacher
Production Manager: Irene Fleischlin Modestova