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DIE WIESENBERGER - No Business like Show Business 

Documentary 90 mins. Director: Bernard Weber / Martin Schilt

Audience Award Solothurner Filmtage and Int. Filmfestival Eberswalde 2012
Festival del Film Locarno, NYC DOC, Tokyo Film Festival, DMZ Korea, DOK Leipzig
Theatrical release since February 2012

Website: www.diewiesenberger.ch 

For over 20 years the citizens of Wiesenberg had cultivated the same rituals. The singing mountaineers met once a week in the local church to rehearse together and they yodelled for weddings and birthdays. In the meantime their world has been turned upside down: their CDs have stormed the charts and they are bombarded with concert offers. The allure of show business! Now they are scheduled to perform in Shanghai. This tempting offer turns into a crucial test. A film about mountain dwellers who try to remain authentic, caught between their traditions and show business. 

Production             Zeitraum Film GmbH
Script, Director      Bernard Weber, Martin Schilt
management         Robert Müller
Camera                 Bernard Weber, Martin Schilt, Stéphane Kuthy, Peter Indergand
Sound                   Dieter Meyer, Robert Müller, Marco Teufen, Simon Graf
Cut                        Stefan Kälin, Michael Schaerer, Dave D. Leins
Stagiaires             Thaïs Odermatt, Susanne Bernard, Matthieu Wenger
Soundmix             Guido Keller, Magnetix, Zürich
Grading                Patrick Lindenmeier, Andromeda, Zürich
Artworks               Andreas Peyer

in collaboration with Lucky Film
in Co-Production with Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Editorial office Urs Augstburger
SRG / SSR, Editor Urs Fitze 
and 3sat, Editor Barbara Riesen

Supported by
Bundesamt für Kultur (EDI) Schweiz
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Succès Cinéma
Kulturförderung Kanton Luzern
Kulturförderung Kanton Nidwalden
Kulturförderung Kanton Obwalden
FUKA-Fonds Stadt Luzern
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Schindler Kulturstiftung